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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting to/from the airport

Airport train
Airport bus

Careful because some will rip you off

Make sure to ask for the fare before getting in the taxi. If you are going t othe city center, it should be around 500 Swedish Krones


Around the city

Very large city, but we walked most places we needed to go

There is public transportation, but it’s known to be pricier. However, you may need it

We rented bikes to allow us to see more of the city


Stay near the Old Town. We stayed in the “downtown” area, which was past the Old Town near the central station

Things to do and see

Gamla Stan – Old Town

Nice area to walk around. It has the Royal palace and Stockholm Cathedral

City Hall (Stadshuset)

You can climb to the top; however, note that they sell tickets for every 40 minutes and sometimes it sells out. We opted not to do it because when we arrived, the upcoming time was sold out and we did not want to wait


Park near Old Town and Palace

Boat Trip

Stockholm is made up of a lot of different islands). There are archipelagos ½ day or full day trips (Stromma has several options), canal trips, and hop on hop off boat tours.


We rented bikes here from Sjocafeet (option to rent for X hours or full day). Very easy and nice way to see more parts of the city. We biked around Djurgarden as well as other areas

Vasa Museum here (most popular museum in Stockholm; boat museum; we did not go here)

Drottninggatan street

Exclusive district in the city (just walked around here)

Walk along the river

One of the many islands

Saluhall Market

Closed on Sundays which is when we were there

Monteliusvagen View

In Sodermalm; we came from Gamla Stan and it took us about 15 minutes to get to it, but we had some trouble figuring out where exactly it was

Parliament (Riksdag)
Drottningholm Palace

Note that this is outside of Stockholm

Food and Drink Recommendations

Griffin’s Steakhouse

Very good, very expensive

Restaurants in Old Town
Icebar Stockholm

Other Notes

Overall, Stockholm is a very large city. We only had one full day here so that limited what we could do and see. If we had been there longer, we would’ve done some type of archipelagos cruise, visited the Drottningholm Palace, and found some more viewpoints. It also seemed like outside of Stockholm there were some nature activities that could be done.

I really like Stockholm and would’ve liked to have at least 2 full days here. We got to get a good taste for it in one day, but it was overwhelming to figure out what things we should do with just one day.