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Plitvice Lakes / Zagreb

Transportation and Accomodations

Getting there:

    • We took a taxi from the airport to our accommodation
    • HOWEVER: You will get ripped off on cabs from the airport; our tour guide from Plitvice Lakes recommended using uber or otherwise Echo Taxis

Getting around:

    • We just walked, you can access the main sights on foot. There is a tram system if you need it


    • We selected our airbnb location because it was near the pickup point for our day trip
    • It was also located near the city-center

Things to do and see

  • Mark’s Cathedral – pretty roof on this building
  • Zagreb Cathedral – apparently there are Las Vegas chandeliers inside
  • Stone Gate – legend says that everything burned but the painting of the Virgin Mary and her son so many come to this gate and location for a prayer; (you can walk right through it as it looks like a gate/arch/small tunnel)
  • Dolac Market – largest farmer’s market in Zagreb
  • Museum of Illusion
  • Lotrscak Tower
  • Zagreb Farmer’s Market
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park daytrip – MUST DO. This was the reason we came to Zagreb. I would highly recommend doing this with a tour group and avoiding July and August as that is the busy season. We used viator to book our tour but it was with a company called Petros. They were excellent as they only do small group tours and our guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We got to see the highlights and them some; it was beautiful and absolutely stunning.
  • Stop in Rastoke (a fairytale-like town). Our guide had us stop there for about 30 minutes. It was very quaint. Not much to do besides see the town and grab a coffee, but it’s cute.

Food and Drink Recommendations

  • Nokturno – huge menu, very affordable/cheap and located in center of main more touristy area
  • Boban – more expensive, but EXCELLENT food. I got the steak and then shared the roasted vegetables and a half order of the pesto gnocchi with my friend. All delicious and this was centrally located as well.
  • Vinodol – did not get there but recommended by our guide for traditional Croatian food
  • Stari Fijaker – did not get there but recommended by our guide for traditional Croatian food

Other Notes

  • Overall, we saw what we wanted to in a few hours the night we arrived. The only reason we came here was to take a day trip to Plitvice Lakes, but we figured we might as well walk around the city while we were visiting.
  • As a whole, this is not a touristy city and it does not feel touristy. Stark contrast to Dubrovnik
  • There are signs EVERYWHERE pointing visitors to tourist destinations. This makes it very easy to find the sights you are looking for