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Korcula – Islands

Transportation and Accommodations

Getting there

    • Autotrans bus from Dubrovnik
      • We booked the Autotrans bus ahead of time; it took about 3 hours. We left from the bus station 2 km away from the Old Town. Addresses for Dubrovnik and Korcula bus stops are below. The trip is very easy as the bus actually gets on the ferry and takes you to the bus stop. The Korcula stop is located right outside the Old Town.
      • Dubrovnik Bus Station Address:
        • Obala pape Ivana Pavla II. 44A, 20000 Dubrovnik
      • Korucla Bus Station Address:
        • Porat bb, 20260, Korcula, Croatia
    • Ferry
      • Main companies: Jadrolrolinija and Krilo
      • Jadrolrolinija you can definitely book ahead of time. Krilo, I am not sure. It is hard to figure out the ferry schedule, but I would highly recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time as they can sell out, especially in high season. It is also helpful to know exactly when you are going. The route you will likely be looking for is the ferry that runs from Split to Dubrovnik with stops at Brac, Hvar, Korcula and maybe a few smaller ones. When you go to the website and look at timetables, it will give you options for your starting and ending destination so use the website for timetables.
      • GET THERE EARLY. Depending on where you are getting on, I can almost guarantee there will be lines to board the ferry and our ferry left 15 minutes EARLY. Thus, if we had not been there, we would’ve missed it and it was the last ferry to our location that night.


    • We stayed at an airbnb that was a short walk from the Korcula bus stop. I would recommend trying to stay near the bus stop or Old Town, as there is not much to do outside of this area.

Things to do and see

  • Old Town – explore town (Marco Polo’s old stomping grounds apparently)
  • Climb tower in the center of Old Town
  • Walk down outside the city walls and sit by the crystal clear water
  • Rent bikes
    • Bike to Lumbarda (7 km away, rolling hills)
      • Many places to rent bikes in the town
      • We biked and went left near the tiny town where it seemed like more was going on. Then we bought towels and just laid out on some of the rocks. There was a beach in this area too and there are sand beaches in different locations – depends what you are looking for.
    • Bike to/by wineries on your way to Lumbarda
      • We stopped at Bire Winery. It was pretty, but we got there right as a large group got there so did not get much attention. They have weird hours so call ahead of time to see when they are open. For us, it was 10:00-12:00 and 4:00-6:00
    • Winery tour (we didn’t do this, but could do if weather isn’t as good or if you have a strong interest in it)
    • Sunset at Maksimilijan Garden
    • Swimming – water is absolutely breathtaking; just be careful of sea urchins when you go swimming
    • Sunbathing/relaxing – this leg of our trip was for relaxing and just enjoying the weather so we sat outside enjoying the view and weather plenty
    • Daytrip to Mljet – we wanted to do an excursion here, but not enough people had booked the trip so we could not go. They needed at least 8 people minimum to make it worth the trip
    • Day trip to Hvar – we used the ferry

Food and Drink Recommendations 

  • Pizzeria Caenazzo – in the old town, great food (pizza and not pizza)
  • Nonno – along the water, homemade pasta and I had a great steak
  • Massimo’s Cocktail – fun place to grab a drink that is up three stories up in an old building (third story you climb a ladder) and with a great view over the water and of the sunset. They bring the drinks to you from the bar downstairs with a pulley system outside. Not a huge deck; only about 10 small tables up top.
  • Maksimilijan Garden – we made reservations a night in advance (for us it wasn’t necessary BUT it gave us a prime location to watch the sunset; they held a table with a good view for us). GREAT food, I got a steak, and awesome view over the water and of the sunset
  • Silk – Asian food restaurant, but you can take it to go. When we were tanning on the rocks near the water, my friend got some to go for lunch and ate it by the water. She said it was delicious

Other Notes

  • A lot of places on this island only take cash
  • Apparently it’s not great to drink the tap water. We did for the first two days because we did not know better and nothing happened, but decided not to risk anything after that
  • Korcula town is tiny
  • Korcula or Hvar?
    • Korcula town is tiny, you could see it in an hour. Hvar is larger and more developed and definitely feels more touristy. Hvar has nightlife and lots of beach bars that looked like a ton of fun. Unfortunately, you cannot daytrip from Hvar to Korcula (unless by private trip) using the ferries because they don’t go at times that would make sense. Thus, we opted to stay on Korcula and day trip to Hvar. If you have more than 4 full days, I’d recommend 2 nights on each. We had 3 full days (4 nights), which would’ve made for stressful travel between the two as it would be a quick turnaround. Hvar looked like a lot of fun and I’d like to go back. However, Korcula was wonderful in that it was relaxed, quieter, and quaint. I loved it. One thing I also really liked about Korcula was that there were mountains surrounding the Old Town, so your view was incredible (crystal clear geen and blue water with stunning mountains in the background). Hvar had great views too, but different, they were of other smaller islands with more green and vegetation on them.