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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting there

    • Small airport – this is how I got there
    • From the airport to Old Town we bought a shuttle bus ticket at the airport. It takes about 40 minutes and costs about 45 kuna (right now that’s about $6 — Croatian Kuna is the currency). There are 3 companies offering services like this: Atlas, Autotrans and Elite. They all do similar things so just depends who you spot at the airport. You can also take a cab, but as the shuttle bus service was so easy and takes you right to the gates of Old Town, I would recommend saving the $35 and doing the shuttle bus. These buses also run about every 15 minutes.
    • The shuttle back to the airport works similarly. However, we caught the bus at the bus station, which is 2 km away from Old Town. The address is: Obala pape Ivana Pavla II. 44A, 20000 Dubrovnik. We could buy the tickets at the station and the station also has luggage storage if needed. We did stop a few places along the way, one stop being at the bottom of the cable car stop near Old Town. However, I assume these tickets were bought in advance, maybe round trip, or there may be an office nearby, but I am not sure.
    • Note: Cannot check-in at Dubrovnik airport until 2 hours before international flights and 1.5 hours before domestic flights so not huge reason to get there excessively early. Also only 15 minutes of free wifi
    • Can also bus from other Croatian cities
      • Note: Cannot check-in at Dubrovnik airport until 2 hours before international flights and 1.5 hours before domestic flights so not huge reason to get there excessively early. Also only 15 minutes of free wifi

Getting around

    • VERY small city so everything is doable on foot


    • We stayed in an airbnb in the center of Old Town. This was a great location for us as everything we were doing was nearby. The city is quite small so you do not need more than 48 hours here unless you plan on doing daytrips to places like Montenegro or Bosnia. Note that July and August are very touristy so the city will be incredibly busy. We were there at the beginning of June and it already was getting quite busy.
    • Luggage Storage: we stored our luggage at Laus, located just outside of the Old Town. This worked very well as we were leaving Dubrovnik at 6:00 pm but needed to check out of our airbnb by 11:00 am. You can also store luggage at the bus station 2 km away from the Old Town

Things to do and see

  • Old Town Pile Gate (main entrance)
  • Stradun Stroll (walking around Old Town)
  • City Walls – scenic mile long walk along the top of the city walls with great views over the city and around the city. You have to get tickets for these; do NOT do this when the cruise ship visitors are doing it, which tends to be in the morning. The walls will be very crowded, hot and it will make for a frustrating walk. NOTE: St. Lawrence tower that you can see from the city walls is included in your ticket so if you want to climb up that, make sure to do that after you’ve walked the city walls. We did not realize this until a day later
  • Mount Srd – 3-minute cable car ride to the top of the mountain with great views over the city. Cool place to watch the sunset
  • Island of Lokrum – located about 600 meters from Dubrovnik (can take a ferry or kayak over). We did not do this, but some of the Qarth Game of Thrones scenes were recorded here. There’s a botanical garden and a fortress here and apparently there are a ton of peacocks walking around.
  • Game of Thrones tour (self guided or professionally guided) – we did a self guided one by looking up and finding where a bunch of the scenes were filmed. Below are some helpful websites
  • Kayaking ½ or full day tour – we did one with Adriatic Kayak Tours that started from Zaton Bay where we then saw two caves, went to a beach and went cliff jumping
  • Banje Beach – great beach just outside of Old Town; we spent the afternoon there before departing for Korcula so we rented chairs and towels
  • Sunset up high
      • We were looking for a good place to catch a sunset so we left the main Old Town gate and then just started heading up. We turned left down a road that veered up and found ourselves at the top with a small park and walking path. It was gorgeous and there were only locals up there. We went past the St. Lawrence fort turn and then took a left. We actually were looking for the St. Lawrence turn and accidentally missed it, but found a better place to watch the sunset.
  • Other day trips
      • If you’re in Dubrovnik for more than 2 days, I would highly recommend day trips. You can see what you need to see in an afternoon in Dubrovnik. Of course, it’s nice to have a bit more time to do some of the extra things. Here are some possible day trips
        • Islands day trip to Elaphites
        • Montenegro day trip
        • Bosnia and Herzegovina day trip
        • Mostar day trip
        • Korcula day trip
        • Mljet National Park day trip
        • Wine Tour
        • Split day trip
        • And more!

Food and Drink Recommendations

  • D’Vino Wine Bar – oldest wine bar in Dubrovnik; tons of local wines available for tasting, by the glass or by the bottle
  • Buza Bar – cliff bar where you can grab a drink and watch people jump off the side of the cliff into the water
  • Kebabs from Tuttobene
  • Stop by the market in Gunduliceva Polijana (main square in Dubrovnik Old Town) if you need some fruit or just want a quick snack in the morning
  • Sladoledarna for gelato
  • Lokanda Peskerija – located right on the harbor in Old Town. Large selection of seafood

Other Notes

  • High season is July and August. Avoid this at all costs as the crowds can be very large and crowds with hot weather can deter your experience greatly.
  • You WILL get ripped off somewhere and you may not even know it. Dubrovnik is more expensive because they know so many tourists are there. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it but if something seems absurd, do be aware